Sunday, June 16, 2013

DIY: Highwaisted Jean Shorts | Distressed

 Do you ever walk by stores like Urban Outfitters, LF, boutiques, etc. and see high waisted shorts for a price too much for its worth? Well, try thrift shops or consignment stores! Many people have created posts and videos on how to do it so I decided to give it a try! Here's my very first attempt at replicating high waisted denim shorts! I was fortunate enough to find tons of Levi's at my local Salvation Army and on top of that all clothing items were 50% off so I spent a total of $8 for 2 pairs of jeans! Forget about spending $50 because you could be spending $4! Check out my video on how to do so here:

Look #1: Distressed Denim
It's an epidemic! Highwaisted shorts are sported and spotted everywhere. Stay on budget and in trend with this DIY! The first look demonstrates the classic high-waisted look with distressing along with front, pockets, and finished off with the simple cut-off. 

Look #2: Cuffed
Are you prejudiced against cut offs? Think their "trashy" and hobo-like? Yeah I've heard people say that about them and it's totally fine! Here's an alternative to high-waisted shorts that completely transforms their appearance! Just cut them to the desired length and cuff them! Remember they will naturally distress from being in the wash.