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Welcome to EllaBellaLifestyle! I'm Ellie, a current college student based in Los Angeles, California. This is a space dedicated to all the little things in life, thoughts that consume me in the middle of the night, the document-worthy moments, and everything and anything that inspires the soul. I take pride in my work and hope you enjoy reading my blog and what my life has to offer in this blog. Feel free to recommend my blog if you do enjoy it, I would really appreciate it! ♡

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How old am I? 

19 years old 

What camera do I use?

I use a Canon PowerShot SX50015 or my iPhone. 

Do you take all your pictures? 

The ones that are indicated with © ellabellalifestylephotography are taken by me and any that aren't are usually credited through a link of some sort. I promise I do not simply take pictures and call them my own, the ones that are taken from the internet or from others are clearly stated. 

All ideas, thoughts, and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise. 

All products and items shown were purchased by me unless stated otherwise.